Horsehead NGC 891 Horsehead

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Date: October 18, 2001
Exposure: LRGB 60:10:10:10 : 8 x 300s L, 2 x 600 & 1 x 300 R, G, B
Processing: MaxIm DL/CCD for image acquisition and calibration, RGB color combine. Photoshop for L+RGB layering and conversion to jpg for web.
Conditions: Average, Mag 3-4 Skies
Scope: Vixen 102mm Flourite, f/6.5 (2.288 arcsec/pix measured with TheSky)
Camera: SBIG ST-237A, -20°, Vixen 6.3 Focal Reducer
Comments: Clear night with still air. Started the session after 891 crossed the meridian. Had just finished working on The Crescent Nebula and was too tired to change all the equipment to go to f/9.