Horsehead NGC 4565 Horsehead

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(Click here for my C14/ST-9E attempt on 04/27/2001)

Date: June 25, 2003
Exposure: LRGB 60:30:30:45 6 x 600s L 1X1, 6 x 300s R, G 2x2, 9 x 300s B 2x2
Processing: MaxIm for Image processing & alignment, color combine, and normalization. Photoshop 7.01 for final composition to LRGB and conversion to jpg.
Conditions: Average, hot and humid
Scope: C14 @ f/7
Camera: ST-8XE, -15°, Celestron 6.3 Focal Reducer
Comments: Shot this one in 2001 with the ST-9E but never got any color. This is one of my favorites and I'm glad I finally got the first run at a color composite on it. This could be much better with 2- 3 more hours of signal from my light polluted area.