Horsehead NGC 253 Horsehead

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Date: October 19, 2001
Exposure: LRGB 60:30:30:36 : 6 x 600s L, 3 x 600 each R, G, and 3 x 720 B
Processing: MaxIm for Image calibration,(16 flats each LRGB, dark subtracted and median combined, 20 bias frames median combined, 10-600s darks median combined, and 10-720s darks median combined) dead/hot pixel removal, alignment, normalization, color combining, mild DDP, unsharp and stretch. PMView 2000 for final color balance and jpg conversion.
Conditions: Average, Mag 3-4 Skies
Scope: Vixen 102mm Flourite, f/6.5 (2.288 arcsec/pix measured with TheSky), CR150HD @ f/8 for Guiding. All equipment on a CI700/SkyWalker/2 upgraded EQ Mount.
Camera: SBIG ST-237A, CFW5C IR Blocking RGB filters, -20°, Vixen 6.3 Focal Reducer, SBIG ST-4 for Guiding
Comments: North is down. Clear night with still air, but humidity was around 90%. This Galaxy is low in the South from my location. Shot the color images just after it crossed the meridian, and ended with the Luminance before it dropped below my horizon.