Horsehead M78 Horsehead

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Date: January 11, 2002
Exposure: LRGB - 150:30:30:30 30 x 300s L, 6 x 300s R,G,B
Processing: MaxIm for calibration and RGB combining, Photoshop 7.01 for levels and curves adjustment and conversion to jpg.
Conditions: Average
Scope: Vixen 102mm @ f/9
Camera: SBIG ST-8E/CFW-8A, -25°
Comments: This was collected over several nights with varying seeing conditions.Never got a chance to get the color before the camera went back to SBIG for the 2nd stage cooling addition. Might be able to get the color in April before it gets too low. Color was added after camera came back from the upgrade for additional cooling and the shutter fix.