Horsehead M42
The Orion Nebula with NGC 1977

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Date: November 20, 2001
Exposure: RGB : 20:20:32 : 20 x 60s R,G & 20 x 96s B
Processing: MaxIm for Image calibration,(16 flats each RGB, dark subtracted and median combined, 10 bias frames median combined, 10-60s darks median combined, and 10-96s darks median combined),alignment, normalization, color combining, mild DDP, unsharp and stretch. Photoshop was used to mask the core and bring in one that was not so burned out. PMView 2000 for final color balance and jpg conversion.
Conditions: Average, Mag 3-4 Skies
Scope: Vixen 102mm Flourite, f/6.5
Camera: SBIG ST-8E/CFW-8, -25°, Vixen 6.3 Focal Reducer
Comments: Cold and clear night with still air. Even at only 60 sec exposures, the core is still burned out. I am going to try and shoot shorter exposures and combine to see if I can capture the core next.